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    • Our phone center in Lake City, Florida & Cocoa Florida
      Can be reached Toll Free @ 1-888-751-0100 Monday Thru Sunday 11am ~ 9 pm Pacific Time (8am ~ 6pm Eastern) Or Long Distance Tech Support @ 1-321-735-6006 or leave us your number and will be glad to call you back at no extra cost. Our new voice over IP and other internet technologies now make it possible for our company to contract with low cost phone support call centers around the world. Unlike most of our competitors we have resisted moving our customer service operations to a foreign country. Though it does allow for longer hours of phone sales & support and decreases the cost to the merchant significantly, we feel the quality of support is dramatically reduced and significant dangers exist when using these overseas phone centers. Below is a list of the main reasons we have chosen to keep 100% of our operations in the USA

    • Dramatically Increased Control Of Your Information
      In many international phone centers the workers are paid in a month approximately the same amount we pay a worker in 5 hours. At we are extremely guarded about who has access to your credit card information, we log all individuals who have access to this info and follow all MC/ Visa / Amex / Discover security protocols. We can not imagine that it would be secure to send your information 1/2 way around the world to an overseas center where the employees are virtually immune from any US law enforcement.
    • Increased Product Knowledge / Experience
      The operators you reach in many overseas phone centers have virtually no experience with the items that they support. In many cases, they support many different companies selling many different products. They are actually 6000 miles away from the warehouse in the US and the only connection they have to an order is on a computer screen. Here at, we are here to help you before and after the sale. We work everyday with the products we sell and are hands on with every aspect of the transaction.
    • Communication Skills
      We respect and support diversity, however we understand that you need to communicate simply and easily about your order. We hire our employees, based on their ability to communicate and we constantly train our people to provide the highest level of service and support.
    • No Callbacks To Up Sell or Harass
      Because the cost of labor is so low, many overseas phone centers have a significant number of their employees dedicated to calling customers on the phone trying to get them to change or upgrade their order. In many cases the bulk of phone center revenue comes from commissions on these up sells. In addition to potentially being illegal (bait and switch), this process is annoying and delays your order

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